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Thank you 《Voices of Leaders》 for interviewing Tekho Marine Biotech Co., Ltd.

Everyone is affected by the spread of COVID 19 epidemic for this crazy 2020 trying times. However, thanks to Taiwan government’s quick and appropriate action, people are pretty safe and are in a stable condition.Additionally, because Taiwan is currently under control for the pandemics and everything goes well so far, you can say that 2020 is also “Taiwan’s Year”without a doubt.

US prestige business《FORTUNE magazine》 specially invited Tekho Marine Biotech to participate in an interview with Voices of Leaders on October, with in-depth interviews onto the company's transformation story, R&D of patented technology, product competitive advantage and the commitmentof our own brand.Last but certainly not least, we have discussed the development of the MIT brand for future trends from the perspective of biotechnology.

2020 is「A Brand-New Era」, we suppose this is an interesting and promising topic. Although almost all the marketing is slow down and delay due to COVID 19 impacts, instead new products need to be launched after the epidemic gone. Nowadays, this is just the right time to steadily plan and prepare! We look forward to launching new products in new areas when the epidemic eases as soon as possible.

Thanks again for the extraordinary interview. We feel honored to be one of the reborn image in the world.