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Bioyona is a finalist in the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2023!⁠

We are delighted to announce that Bioyona Skin Activating Treatment Serum Ampoule has been shortlisted for BEST NEW SERUM, a successful finalist for the 2023 Pure Beauty Global Awards!

The Pure Beauty Global Awards is an esteemed event that celebrates excellence and innovation in the beauty industry. It recognizes brands that have gone above and beyond to create outstanding products. The awards ceremony is held annually and attracts high-profile judges from the beauty industry.

Discover a powerful serum ampoule with powerful ingredient Totipotent Prostembryona Factor®(TPF) that extracted from embryonic stem cells of fertilized roe. Target your most urgent skincare concern an instant hydration boost and make skin stronger to protect against signs of aging.Especially after beauty surgery, medical clinic or beauty salon customers love Bioyona Skin Activating Treatment Pure Serum to repair their skin damage because TPF is obtained United States, Japan and Taiwan Invention Patent: Medical composition for promoting skin wound healing and its use. Deeply care to quickly restore you healthy and youthful skin.

Thank you to the Pure Beauty Global Awards for recognizing our brand and our Skin Activating Treatment.