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【2023 Cosmoprof Asia】15-17 November

TEKHO Cosmoprof ASIA Highlight

Totipotent Prostembryona Factor®(TPF) is an active, sustainable and natural exclusive ingredient which is also the world's new generation. Its original brand Bioyona's collection can effectively solve skin sensitivity and use its remarkable repairing function to promote collagen synthesis for skin aging problems. We adhere to high-quality and high-performance products that make the world better. TPF has obtained invention patents in Taiwan, USA and Japan. Leading the global trend of innovative beauty range. Not only skin care, scalp care but also health care Royal Roe peptide capsule. Welcome to meet and greet. Obtained China import license (Biyomena碧尤媚娜), recruiting agents now!

TEKHO Exhibition Information
Cosmoprof Asia 2023
Date:15 -17 November 2023
Venue:Hong Kong Convention Center
Booth #1E-C7G